Ellinikon, Chaldias 59A

pin Attiki

Under construction

Year of construction: 2024

Floors: 5

Appartments: 16

Zone: Residential

Available from: 31/12/2024

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Excellent building in Ellinikon on a plot of 2.500 sq.m. 2.000 meters from the sea which harmoniously blends with the surrounding area. The proximity to the Athenian Riviera beachfront, the view over the Saronic Gulf and the mountain of Ymittos, as well as the Ellinikon Metropolitan Park, are only some aspects which add to the uniqueness of this building’s location. In close proximity to modern and safe green multi-purpose sports courts and playgrounds. With direct access to public means of transportation as well as Ellinikon outstanding local market.


With respect to the environment and customer satisfaction in mind, we ensure an A+ energy class which results in energy saving and reduces the environmental footprint.This is achieved through multi-year studies, as well as by setting strict criteria for selecting partnerships and choosing quality suppliers providing excellent materials that offer high energy efficiency. Moreover, the state-of-the-art electrical installations infrastructure and the use of automation and remote management technology make each apartment a “Legrand, valena life with Netatmo series Smart home”. High aesthetics, luxury and safety are, by all means, guaranteed providing privacy and coziness due to following architecture and decoration principles.

With respect towards users, all our buildings are constructed so that they are directly accessible for people with disabilities, offering a comfortable daily life for everyone. The balance and harmony of the apartments as well as the overall building add to users’ daily pleasure, comfort and functionality by providing healthy spaces to live in.


All apartments have:
  • thermally insulated aluminum frames
  • thermal facade
  • autonomous heating
  • cooling – heating pump fan coil
  • airconditioning
  • security door
  • triple energy solar water heater (solar kit)
  • garage with electrical infrastructure for charging electric vehicles
  • storage facilities
Penthouses additionally have:
  • private swimming pools in front of the living room area along with a private terrace

Ten Brinke

Distance from

  • shop Shops 50 m
  • school Schools 100 m
  • airport Airport 27 klm
  • hospital Hospital 1.3 klm
  • metro Metro 50 m
  • beach Beach 2 klm
  • public-transport Mass Transit 50 m


  • check Garden
  • check Access for disabled people
  • check Electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • check Air conditioning
  • check Smart Home
  • check Photovoltaics for the production of shared electricity
  • check Energy class Α+


Appartment Code Floor Area Bedrooms Bathrooms
Reserved Α1_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 1st 63 sq.m. 2 1 See it
Reserved Α2_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 1st 60 sq.m. 2 1 See it
Sold Α3_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 1st 61 sq.m. 2 1 See it
Sold Α4_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 1st 62 sq.m. 2 1 See it
Sold Β1_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 2nd 63 sq.m. See it
Reserved Β2_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 2nd 60 sq.m. 2 1 See it
Sold Β3_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 2nd 61 sq.m. See it
Reserved Β4_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 2nd 62 sq.m. 2 1 See it
Γ1_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 4th 111 sq.m. 3 2 See it
Γ2_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 4th 106 sq.m. 3 2 See it
Sold Γ3_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 4th 108 sq.m. See it
Γ4_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 4th 109 sq.m. 3 2 See it
Reserved Δ1_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 5th 108 sq.m. 3 2 See it
Reserved Δ2_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 5th 97 sq.m. 3 2 See it
Reserved Δ3_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 5th 99 sq.m. 3 2 See it
Reserved Δ4_ΧΑΛΔΕΙΑΣ_59Α_ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ 5th 100 sq.m. 3 2 See it

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